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3D equipment rental and measurement services – laser trackers, terrestrial scanners, laser scanners, portable CMM arms, Scan Arms, Laser Radar, computer assisted optics. Our breadth and depth of services is unsurpassed.


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Equipment Rentals

40+ laser, scanning, modeling and probing systems. Same-day shipment. 24/7 support.

We offer a full range of three-dimensional measurement equipment; our breadth and depth of resources is unsurpassed.

All equipment is factory calibrated and accompanied by a current Certificate of Calibration traceable by NIST. Our rental program features: same day shipments (we can make all transport and delivery arrangements or work with your traffic department), turnkey solutions (hardware, targeting, computers, software), flexibility (day, week and monthly rentals), start of art and legacy technologies — with 24/7 support.

Contact us with your requirements – our metrology-trained staff can assist in selecting the most appropriate technology for your application.

Laser Trackers

Range up to 80 meters

Single Point or Scanning – Typical accuracy of 0.049mm at 10 meters

Typical Applications – Alignments and precision
leveling, tool assembly

Faro Vantage laser tracker

Faro ION laser tracker

Faro X and Xi laser tracker

SMX laser tracker

Leica AT laser tracker

Portable CMM Arms

Volumetric reach 12-feet from single position

Single Point – Accuracy up to 0.005mm

Typical Applications – measurement of complex parts, part to
CAD comparisons, dimensional analysis, tool building & setup,
first article inspection, in-process inspection, alignments

Faro Edge arm

Faro Prime arm

Faro Quantum Arm

Faro Gage Plus

Faro Platinum arm

Portable CMM Scan Arms

Rapid point cloud collection with extreme resolution and accuracy

Scanning accuracy up to +/ 0.025 mm at scan rate of 560,000 points/sec

Non-contact measurements

Typical applications – Point cloud to CAD comparison,
reverse engineering, 3D

Faro Edge Scan ARM HD

Faro Edge Scan Arm ES

Faro Platinum Arm V3

Terrestrial Scanners

Range up to 330 meters.

Portable, automated 3D documentation of complex environments and scenes in only a few minutes

Typical Applications – architectural and engineering, accident reconstructions, forensics, surveying

Faro Focus 3D S120

Faro Focus 3D S350

Faro Focus 3D X330

Faro Focus 3D S150

Laser Radar

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